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What Exactly Is Goat Yoga?

Goat Yoga is a fabulous new way of enjoying yoga that provides an intimate, crazily lovely experience with Mother Nature... through our baby goats.

  • Goat Yoga is very simply... yoga with goats! While you enjoy a yoga session – whether it be a gentle stretching yoga, or a more vigorous workout – our baby goats keep you company, wandering in and out of the mats... and sometimes right up on top of your downward dog!
    - Melina Morsch, Master Goat Yogi

Fox Den Goat Yoga

Fox Den Goat Yoga has been offering unique Goat Yoga experiences since 2015.

This highly publicized and unique Goat Yoga experience has been featured in several articles and was profiled on the popular Canadian reality show, Dragon’s Den, in 2019.

Melina Morsch, founder and Master Goat Yogi and her growing staff of specially trained Goat Yogis are fully certified Yoga and Fitness instructors with First Aid and CPR training.

Over the years, Fox Den has perfected the Goat Yoga experience, using poses that create optimal interactions between people and the goats. At the Fox Den, the focus is on fun and personal development. We make every effort to include any person who seeks to improve the quality of their life through our programs.

We want our guests to laugh, have fun, spend quality time and take lots of pictures with these special goats during and after their goat yoga session.

Our staff can help guests build confidence in holding and posing with the goats. They are there to make sure you have the experience you want and the pictures to remember it by!

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Melina Morsch, Owner of Fox Den Goat Yoga 

Melina Morsch, Goat Yogi

Yoga with Goats, Niagara on the Lake Ontario

Our Goat Yoga Philosophy

We are passionate about giving our guests a special experience where they can be themselves, have fun, learn something and feel the love.

The popularity of goat yoga is all about the magic that happens when animals and people interact. These socially intuitive baby goats will react to the energy in the room. When we get excited, they get excited, if we are calm, they are calm.

In the frenetic pace of daily life, people can often feel disconnected from nature and isolated...but when they come to goat yoga, they feel like part of a unique community, and they have an authentic and memorable experience.

We have witnessed first-hand the amazing positive effects of Goat Yoga.

Our inclusive classes allow participants of all skills levels to feel welcome and leave the goat yoga session feeling lighter, happier, more connected to nature and each other. Many people come again and again to get more of that positive, centering experience.

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What Does The Experience Include?

  • A gentle yoga class featuring our dwarf goats. Baby goats included
  • Discounted wine tasting at the Lakeview Winery tasting bar. Book your tasting here.
  • Assisted photo opportunities
  • Video opportunities for your social media
  • Your hostess tells you stories of each goat and teaches you how to interact
  • This is drop-in experience come anytime during the session hours
  • Use of a mat is included or feel free to bring your own

How Should I Prepare?  

  • Please wear clothes that cover your shoulders and midriff as the goats may climb on you
  • Goats may sit on your lap - dirt is inevitable. Please wear clothing that you can get dirty
  • Apparel for the weather (be prepared for any weather)
  • This experience operates rain or shine unless extremely inclement weather
  • In the case of high heat, ensure you have water to bring during the walk
  • Pets are not permitted as live animals are present in this experience
  • Feel free to bring you own yoga mat and towel

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